Deploying IoT, Based on NDN Protocol in a Fog Computing Infrastructure

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, Iran.


The Internet of Things is a paradigm for connecting objects using a common set of network technologies. Implementing IoT by host-to-host communication models, such as IP, faces several challenges. It is because of the heterogeneous and constrained devices that connect temporarily to different networks, and different security domains. Also it requires communication capabilities, for both local network and on a global scale. This paper examines how NDN, a proposed architecture for future of the Internet, can respond to these challenges and provide a safer and more straightforward method for deploying IoT. The NDN content-centric communication model makes it possible to interact directly with the contents, and because of this, IoT networks can be more easily developed and configured.
Also we show that using NDN would be more fruitful if it is combined with Fog Computing. So, we propose a four-layer model in order to achieve a better structure for IoT. In this model, NDN is used as the core of the network, and routing operations are performed based on contents' names. Also, Fog Computing is used as the mediator between low-level sensors of IoT, the core network, and at the highest level, the cloud which is a fundamental component in IoT networks. In order to evaluate this model in comparison with common models in IoT, we compare the NDN protocol with the MQTT protocol, one of the most commonly used IoT protocols, based on the amount of resource usage and delay.


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