Razi University


This paper is an attempt to introduce AUBUE - Adaptive User-Interface Based on Users' Emotions- in which users' emotions are detected through the users` interactions with the keyboard; then a graphical user interface's color is adapted in accordance with the users' emotion. The emotions of joy, distress, and anger from the Ortony, Clore, and Collins (OCC) emotion model are utilized to replicate the emotional state of the user. After detection of emotions and their intensities, the current mood of the user is updated, and the appropriate colors for the background of the graphical user interface are chosen with regards to the user's current mood. For evaluation of the AUBUE, we implemented a game for guessing picture name. The game included four elements: (1) logging the demographic information, (2) type speed estimator, (3) guessing picture name, and (4) help. An evaluation was accomplished in two modes: in mode_1, the background color is static, and in mode_2 where the background's color based on users' emotion is dynamic. The results are represented based on the demographic factors and categorized in four groups: English level, English typing level, gaming experience and gender.